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Título : Notes for a future biography of Innovación Educativa
Autor : Editor in Chief / Editorial Coordinator Instituto Politécnico Nacional
Martínez Ruiz, Xicoténcatl
Palabras clave : Notes for a future biography of Innovación Educativa
Fecha de publicación : mar-2003
Citación : Revista Innovación Educativa;No. 70
Resumen : After years of uninterrupted publication of an academic journal, beneath the surface we find stories, promises, dreams, the commitment to knowledge, rigorous work that often goes unperceived, and most notably, the desire to construct a bridge of communication between research and society. This desire stimulates the initiation of a journal. A beginning that may be accompanied by uncertainty. But nothing surpasses the passion and magnetism present when an editorial project of this kind is begun and sustained against the vast test of time. Is it possible to communicate this magnetism? And if so, how can it be conveyed in notes for a future biography of Innovación Educativa, with a special reference to the work of so many people who have collaborated in its making? The value of a periodical publication is not measured only by the number of years it accumulates, nor by the indexes in which it is included, but by its social impact, its contribution to knowledge, its transcendence to shape a better world, and above all, its dialogue with its times.
URI : http://www.repositoriodigital.ipn.mx/handle/123456789/22428
ISSN : 1665-2673
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