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dc.contributor.authorHerrera Díaz, Luz Edith-
dc.identifier.citationRevista Innovación Educativa 71es
dc.descriptionInnovación Educativa: Significado de importancia para el futuroes
dc.description.abstractSelf-access language learning (SALL) refers to the learning that typically takes place in a self-access centre (SAC), whether self or otherdirected. As an innovation in the foreign language teaching-learning milieu, it has been diffused and adopted all over the world. The present case study aims to investigate EFL students’ perceptions and experiences regarding this learning mode (called autonomous at this university) and the facility where it takes place (SAC). From a qualitative perspective, I gathered data through interviews, observation and analysis of students’ work reports, resulting in the two broad themes underpinning this study. The results include ten findings supported by evidence taken from the data; four are classified as “Students’ perceptions of the autonomous learning mode, and six as “Students’ experiences within the autonomous learning mode”. Finally, suggestions for a more contextualized and critical adoption of innovations in this arena are provided.es
dc.description.sponsorshipInstituto Politécnico Nacionales
dc.publisherUniversidad Veracruzana, Méxicoes
dc.subjectEducational innovations, language learning, self-directed learning, students’ experiences, students’ perceptions.es
dc.subjectAprendizaje autodirigido, aprendizaje de idiomas, experiencia de los estudiantes, innovaciones educativas, percepciones estudiantiles.es
dc.titleExploring the students’ perceptions and language learning experiences of a self-access centrees
dc.title.alternativeExplorando las percepciones estudiantiles y sus experiencias de aprendizaje de lenguas en un Centro de Autoaccesoes
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