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Título : Materials for Hydrogen Storage: Use of the Pattern Background to Obtain Structural Information in Porous Solids
Fecha de publicación : 16-ene-2013
Editorial : Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory
Descripción : The adsorption in nanoporous solids is one of the alternatives that have been evaluated for the molecular hydrogen storage. The high density H2 storage is probably the main challenge to be solved for the development of a hydrogenbased energetic technology to replace the use of fossil fuel derivatives in mobile applications. The option of storage in nanocavities is oriented to favor relatively strong H2-surface interactions to allow the storage at temperature and pressure close to room conditions. The H2-H2 interactions that allows the hydrogen liquefaction are very weak and, in consequence, its critical temperature is relatively low (Tc = 32.9 K). Probably the paradigm for the hydrogen storage in porous solids is found in the coordination of the molecule to metal centers at the cavity surface [1]. It is well known that the surface atoms are always deviated from their ideal symmetry restricted positions, particularly when the coordination sphere remains unsaturated. This is the case of those metal centers of interest for hydrogen storage studies. Such deviation leads to certain incoherence for the dispersed radiation, resulting in broadening for the diffraction peaks and also increasing the patterns background. When heavy atoms are located at the materials surface, in the pattern background a sinuous contribution could be identified [2, 3], which can be used to obtain structural information on the true position of these metals. In this report this subject is discussed through the applications to the structural study of cubic Nitroprussides, T[Fe(CN)5NO].xH2O where T = Fe, Co, Ni. This series of compounds shows H2 storage capacity without precedent for porous coordination polymers [4, 5].
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