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Título : Porous Transition Metal Hexacyanoferrates (II) with High Available Free Volume: Framework Stability
Fecha de publicación : 16-ene-2013
Editorial : Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory
Descripción : Transition metals hexacyanometallates have received notable attention as prototype of porous solids for hydrogen storage in the last five years [1–12]. Within this family of coordination compounds for Prussian blue analogues at the cavities surface metal centers with open coordination sites, six per [M(CN)6] vacancy, are available for a specific interaction with the hydrogen molecule. At low pressure these sites determine the amount of H2 molecules that can be adsorbed. At high pressures (above atmospheric conditions) the H2 storage capacity would be determined by the available free volume. From this fact, an evaluation on the porous framework topology and its stability under vacuum and heating of PB analogues with extremely high free volume is recommended. During the sample preparation for H2 storage evaluation the structure free volume must be liberated from crystal water molecules and then H2 is adsorbed under cryogenic conditions, usually using N2 bath. In this activity report the results obtained on that subject are summarized. In PB analogues the porosity is related to the amount of [M(CN)6]. In PB, Fe4[Fe(CN)6]3 the available free volume is due to 1/4 of vacant [Fe(CN)6] sites. For MIII and T2+ combinations compounds of formula unit T3[M(CN)6]2 are formed with 1/3 of building block vacancies. For MII and T2+ in principle T2[M(CN)6] with an extremely high porosity could be formed. To the best of our knowledge, before this study, except for T = Mn, Cd [13], the preparation and characterization of such materials have not been reported.
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