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Título : La contextualización de la matemática como un factor motivante en el docente para la enseñanza de la distribución normal.
Autor : Camarena Gallardo, Patricia
Fecha de publicación : 16-ene-2013
Descripción : The study of the motivation of the educational one with the mathematics’ use in context like a didactic strategy of teaching, is the reason of the present thesis that stops its development she understands four slopes: 1) selection of the motivation indicators; 2) Contextualize the normal distribution in the transmission of information for diverse channels; 3) to Implement the contextualization; 4) to Identify the motivation indicators in the professor. The first study, was carried out by means of an analysis of theories it has more than enough motivation, related with the teaching process, determining that indicators of intrinsic or extrinsic motivation showed in each a, it stops later, to use a theory that characterizes to the other ones as for their motivation indicators refers, and to take it as such to base our investigation. In the second study, with the contextualize objective the normal distribution in the transmission of information for diverse channels, was carried out a detailed revision of text books related with the theory of the communications that you/they treated the topic of the transmission of information, and with the help of expert professors he/she was a "robust" problem that related the two concepts whose solution was carried out using the 9 steps on that the Mathematics’ didactic strategy is based in the context of the sciences. In the third the mediating contextualization a shop is implemented for professors, which was imparted by specialists in each topic, and where each session or block of the same one had parts so much theoretical as practical, what allowed interaction in turn students and instructors in an interesting and pleasant way. The room and last study was carried out by means of the application of the investigation instruments in the course of the shop that you/they allowed to identify the incidence of the motivation indicators. Once implemented the contextualization and identified the motivation indicators you conclude by means of the application of surveys to the participant professors that it exists the possibility that a professor motivated in solving problems contextualized imparts his classes in that way transcending this way, to his daily work in the living room of classes.
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