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Título : Crystal structures of three anhydrous nitroprussides: M†Fe„CN…5NO‡ „M=Mn,Zn,Cd…
Palabras clave : nitroprusside
porous material
crystal structure
Prussian blue analogues
Fecha de publicación : 16-ene-2013
Editorial : Powder Diffraction
Descripción : The crystal structures of Mn, Zn, and Cd nitroprussides in their anhydrous state, M Fe CN 5NO M=Mn,Zn,Cd , were refined from XRD powder patterns using the Rietveld method. These compounds have a porous framework useful for adsorption and storage of small molecules. Water crystallization can be removed by heating below 100 °C without disrupting the 3D network by introducing certain structural modification mainly around the M site Mn, Zn, Cd . For M=Mn and Cd, the compounds were found to be orthorhombic with space group Pnma Mn:a=13.7844 1 , b=7.3750 2 , c=10.9470 2 Å, V=1112.8 1 Å3, Z=4; Cd:a=13.9566 3 , b=7.5040 4 , c =11.0230 2 Å, V=1154.4 1 Å3, Z=4 . Anhydrous zinc nitroprusside crystallizes in rhombohedral with space group R3¯ a=b=19.2525 1 ,c=17.7107 2 Å, =120.0° ,V=5685.1 1 Å3 ,Z=18 . When exposed to humid air, these anhydrous compounds become hydrated. The XRD powder patterns were recorded under vacuum on samples dehydrated in situ. The structural information from XRD was complemented with thermo-gravimetric, infrared, and Mössbauer data. © 2007 International Centre for Diffraction Data. DOI: 10.1154/1.2434787
URI : http://www.repositoriodigital.ipn.mx/handle/123456789/11199
Otros identificadores : Powder Diffraction 22 1 , March 2007
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