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Título : Argumentaciones Gestuales Y Visuales En Escenarios Escolares: Su Aprovechamiento En La Construcción Del Conocimiento Matemático
Autor : Crespo Crespo, Cecilia
Fecha de publicación : 16-ene-2013
Descripción : This work shows the presence of some forms of visual and gestural argumentation in situations of teaching and learning in the mathematics classroom. They are studied and are displayed as the result of the actions of a community inserted in a specific socio-cultural scene, and as a product of an heterogeneous thought. It is necessary that these situations be taken into account in the mathematic speech of the school because they have a character of social construction. Socio-epistemology is the theorical approach employed and the knowledge social construction is the line of research that is being followed in educative mathematics, nowadays a truly scientific discipline. Both have been decisive for the realization of this work and the cases methodology was applied. Sociolinguistics and its subdisciplines (pragmatics and non-verbal communication), allow to characterize and understand the nature of the gestures and of the visual communication by identifying the types of reasoning that they promote. A qualitative analysis of Visual and gestural arguments present during various activities undertaken by students for teaching mathematics of Superior Institute of Teachers (ISP) "Dr. Joaquin V. González" took place. Were also analized the training materials produced by the future teachers with technological means. The visual and gestural arguments were identified and were characterized. In addition, the predominant linguistic functions and the strategies developed by the students in non-verbal communication were identified.
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