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Autor : Farfán Márquez, Rosa María
Lezama Andalón, Javier
Fecha de publicación : 16-ene-2013
Descripción : This work is an investigation about the current situation of teaching the lineal equations in high school that has methodology fundaments in didactic engineering. • To diagnose the condition in which is founded the teaching of lineal equations in high school, and taking in consideration the importance of resolving problems using these equations. • To contrast the situation founded against the pretender achieve of the educative institutions in high school level, in particular the CECyt’s of IPN and de SI of UNAM about teaching this subject. • To propose a methodology of approximation of the student in lineal equations resolving problems in the every day context. For this, investigations is in first instants, to the form in that the professor do teaching, the perception in that they have for the causes that make difficult, the grade of learning reach for the students, for be going with the perception that the some students had about their own level of competence and the cause of that. Fall with the aspects of achieve cognition of learning. In second instance, we take in consideration the point of view, that have the learning institutions of high school teaching this subject and that show of manifest that their study programs. In the same way we analyze the plans that have the last level of education have, that means, middle school. These investigations show us that we didn’t reach the planning achieve for the study programs of the subsystems taking in consideration, because the level of learning could be considerate poor. The perceptions of both the professors and students differ from the gotten results, being superior the first against second. We also analyze some Algebra books that follow the professors for teaching the subject in discussion. That show a general tendency to handle the subject start with the definition let for last the application to resolve real and concrete situations. Assuming that, we propose a design to the classroom based in the process of natural generation of acknowledge. The mentioned design was tested in high school group of 8 students, we obtained a results that permit assume that the proposal works, different to the others professor tell follow currently, could be result useful follow a processor of perfection that will be a subject of future works.
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