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Fecha de publicación : 16-ene-2013
Descripción : The objectives of the present investigation are to present the nature of analysis figures as much in the school mathematical speech like in nonacademic scenaries, as well as to analyze the breach that, between the figures of analysis and its purpose, of being an instrument for a correct solution of a problem. Analysis figures are understood as drawings, realised by raised hand in which the data given in a problem a demonstration or a construction are represented. They are representations of the mental images constructed by the subject at the time of facing a problem to solve. Socioepistemology is the theoretical frame in which this investigation has been realized. We considere mathematics as an human construction knowledge, and a cultural knowledge. So, an historical route is done in this work of investigation, looking forward analysis figures use. We also present a case study of students, future teachers and some approaches to visualization process and the obstacles that appear in this process, with the purpose of being able to interpret, from this frame, how figures of analysis appear at the class of mathematical, specially in geometry. Results obtained in this investigation allow us to understand the use of the figures of analysis in the institutional practices, considering “graficación” as a social practice that responds, in the case of the analysis figures, to norms that are transmitted in the school mathematical speech. About the origin of these figures we can observe that since the man makes mathematics, representations appear allowing to attend, in the majority of the occasions, the visualization process. Analysis figures exist not only in academic scenaries but in nonacademic ones, therefore they are part of a cultural knowledge that owns characteristics according to the social group make that them, sharing the same language and being able to interpret figures of other people's analyses. With respect to the difficulties that present some students are associate to which we have denominated, in this work, like obstacles of the visualization; that is to say, optical illusions, prototypes or pictorial representations, among others.
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