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Título : La evaluación en actividades de aprendizaje con uso de tecnología
Autor : Castañeda Alonso, Apolo
Fecha de publicación : 16-ene-2013
Descripción : Learning assessment, despite of being a fundamental part of the teaching-learning process, had not been paying due attention in Mathematics teaching. In this study I deal with learning assessment in a technological scenario in which students model movement situations. Knowing that individual work is only a small contribution to the huge task of improvement of teaching in our country, lead me to relate this research with other teachers’ work, trying, in this way, to achieve a joint effort that means a significant contribution to the field. In the background, I approach technology introduction from daily life to a school context, particularly at High School level at Instituto Politécnico Nacional. I look at the way in which technology is considered in the document Competencias Básicas del Bachillerato, issued by Mexican Education Ministry, as well as teachers and students points of view. The theoretical background is conformed by different studies about assessment, included Systematic Assessment, by Stufflebeam and Shinkfield (2005), and Pellegrino, Chudowsky and Glaser (2001/2004) edition of the work of National Academy of Sciences in the USA. In this last document it is highlighted three basic considerations for assessment: students learning model, the tasks with which students performance is going to be observed, and the interpretative methodology used to process the information gathered. These considerations will allow to observe how using technology will affect learning assessment. I discuss the activities developed by Torres (2004) and the data sources she had at hand during her research. Based on this analysis I suggest a possible assessment proposal and the provisions that we must take into account in order to improve its working. Once stated this assessement proposal, I show its working with a technological modelling activity in wich I sought a better approach to the usual classroom situations.
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