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Título : Effect of stocking density on growth and survival of spotted sand bass Paralabrax maculatofasciatus larvae in a closed recirculating system
Autor : Álvarez González, Carlos
Ortiz Galindo, José Luis
Dumas, Silvie
Martínez Díaz, Sergio Francisco
Hernández Ceballos, Dora Esther
Grayeb del Alamo, Tanos
Moreno Lagorreta, Manuel
Peña Martínez, Renato
Civera Cerecedo, Roberto
Fecha de publicación : 2001
Editorial : Journal of the World Aquaculture Society
Resumen : The effect on growth and survival of the initial stocking density (50, 100, 150, and 200 larvae/ L) in larval rearing of spotted sand bass was evaluated over 30 d in a closed recirculating system. Larvae were fed with rotifers, copepods, nauplii and adult Artemia, and spotted sand bass yolk-sac larvae. Water quality was monitored daily. The notochordal or standard length of sampled larvae was measured by image analysis. Specific growth rates at each density were compared by covariance analysis. Survival was estimated from day 15 to the end of the experiment, when a resistance test was used to evaluate the juvenile quality among densities. At the end of the experiment, mean standard length of larvae at lower densities was significantly larger (P < 0.05) than at higher densities. Higher specific growth rates were found at lower densities. Significantly higher survival (P < 0.05) was recorded for the lowest density, but the highest number of harvested fish was obtained with the highest densities (150 and 200 larvae/L). The lowest density also showed the significantly (P < 0.05) higher survival after using a resistance test. We conclude the highest density can be used in larval rearing of spotted sand bass. However, better survival, growth, and seed quality are obtained at the lowest density. To recommend an optimal density for this specie, it is necessary to improve the water quality in the culture system and to make a cost-benefit study.
URI : http://www.repositoriodigital.ipn.mx/handle/123456789/13155
ISSN : 0893-8849
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