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Título : Modeling an Exploited Rocky Coastal Ecosystem: Bahia Tortugas, Mexico.
Autor : Morales Zárate, M.V.
LLuch Cota, Salvador
Serviere Zaragoza, Elisa
Guzmán del Próo, Sergio Antonio
Palabras clave : Lobster
Baja California
Valoración Económica
Fecha de publicación : 1-ene-2011
Editorial : Ecological Modelling
Resumen : A trophic structure model of the rocky coastal ecosystem in Bahia Tortugas, Mexico was constructed using Ecopath software to represent the main biomass flows in the system. Data for the model came from field observations (biomass estimates, stomach contents, and ecological observations for sea snails, abalones, lobster, some demersal finfishes, and macroalgae) carried out through ten field trips from 2006to 2008. The results provide a snapshot of how the ecosystem operates. The model considers 23 functionalgroups. The total system throughput was 553 t/km2/year, 57% corresponds to internal consumption, 28%to respiration, 14% becomes detritus, and only 1% is removed through commercial fishing. The model suggests that even for exploited populations, predation and competition are heavier stresses than current fishing effort; however, because spiny lobster showed the second highest keystoneness’ index value,increasing fishing pressure on this group could strongly impact the entire ecosystem. We believe that this model has the potential to support management by allowing the exploration of the potential impacts of different fishing decisions at ecosystem level.
URI : http://www.repositoriodigital.ipn.mx/handle/123456789/13579
ISSN : 0304-3800
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