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Título : Using Stylistic Features for Social Power Modeling
Otros títulos : El uso de características estilísticas para modelado del poder social
Autor : Cotterill, Rachel
Palabras clave : Keywords. Social network analysis, social power modeling, stylistics, text mining.
Fecha de publicación : 7-jun-2013
Editorial : Revista Computación y Sistemas; Vol. 17 No.2
Citación : Revista Computación y Sistemas; Vol. 17 No.2
Citación : Revista Computación y Sistemas;Vol. 17 No.2
Resumen : Abstract. Social Network Analysis traditionally examines the graph of a communications network to identify key individuals based on the pattern of their interactions, but there is a limit to the level of detail which can be inferred from metadata alone. Message content is a richer source of data, and can provide an indication of the relationship between a pair of communicants. An individual’s language use will vary depending on their relationship to the addressee, and this paper investigates a set of stylistic features which may be used to predict the nature of a relationship within an organizational hierarchy. Experiments are conducted on the Enron corpus for the sake of comparison with earlier results, and demonstrate successful classification of upspeak vs. downspeak using a small feature set.
URI : http://www.repositoriodigital.ipn.mx/handle/123456789/16620
ISSN : 1405-5546
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