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dc.contributor.authorEspinal, Carlos-
dc.contributor.authorClepner Kerik, Julio Bernardo-
dc.description.abstractThis article explores some of the prevailing change management methodologies to determine their applicability and convenience as transformational tools. The authors propose a practical model for change and explore the factors affecting employee’s motivation during and after a business transformation process. The methodology is reviewed while analyzing the successful results achieved in the recent acquisition and transformation of “Industrias Cazel” (CAZEL), an automotive-parts manufacturer in Mexico. Prior to the transformation, CAZEL successfully implemented a quality program, achieved high marks in terms of the operating business indicators used at the time, and had the appropriate information technology platforms to support the business; however, it still faced the challenge of aligning the organization strategically and culturally amid a multitude of people issues, which had brought it close to bankruptcy. The aim of this article is to harness the best of the various disciplines found in the literature to craft a practical model for motivating and achieving superior and sustained employee performance in a business transformation process.es
dc.description.sponsorshipInstituto Politécnico Nacional. CIECASes
dc.publisherJournal of Enterprise Transformationes
dc.subjectbusiness transformationes
dc.subjectburning platformes
dc.subjectchange managementes
dc.titleAchieving Superior Motivation and Performance: The Case of the Acquisition and Transformation of CAZEL in Mexicoes
dc.description.especialidadProcesos de transformaciónes
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