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dc.contributor.authorMartínez Ruiz, Xicoténcatl-
dc.description.abstractDuring his time, Flavell (1979) identified the metacognitive process and described it with the transitive and self-reflective meaning of the verb to think, defining this process as “thinking about thinking”. If we ask ourselves today, “What is metacognition?”, we can recover the past decades of research on the topic and, together with Flavell’s definition, we can understand what “knowledge of a cognition” where “cognition x” can regulate itself and is subject to being monitored, planned, thought and directed towards specific learning tasks. This process is identified using the term metacognition. Therefore, what we call metacognition has given rise to the development of pedagogies focused on this type of strategies, where the learning process is not only a secondary thought, but is subject to regulation and self-evaluation, with systematized precedents in the psychology and epistemology of the 20th century.es
dc.description.sponsorshipInstituto Politécnico Nacionales
dc.publisherInstituto Politécnico Nacionales
dc.subjectMetacognitive pedagogies; and the construction; of a dialogic forumes
dc.titlePresentation: Metacognitive pedagogies and the construction of a dialogic forumes
dc.title.alternativePedagogías metacognitivas y la construcción de un foro dialógicoes
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