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30-ene-2013Hypolipidemic Effect of Seed Oil of Noni (Morinda citrifolia)Cruz López, María del Carmen
30-ene-2013Aryloxyacetic esters structurally related to a-Asarone as potential antifungal agentsCruz López, María del Carmen
30-ene-2013Efficient Synthetic Approach to Substituted Benzo[b]furans and Benzo[b] thiophenes by Iodine-Promoted Cyclization of EnaminonesCruz López, María del Carmen
30-ene-2013New Approach for the Construction of the Coumarin Frame and Application in the Total Synthesis of Natural ProductsCruz López, María del Carmen
30-ene-2013Design, synthesis, and docking of highly hypolipidemic agents: Schizosaccharomyces pombe as a new model for evaluating a-asarone-based HMG-CoA reductase inhibitorsCruz López, María del Carmen
30-ene-2013A NewSynthetic Route of 2-Aroyl- and 2-Benzyl-Benzofurans and their Application in the Total Synthesis of a Metabolite Isolated from Dorstenia gigasCruz López, María del Carmen
30-ene-2013Antioxidant and chelating activity of Jatropha curcas L. protein hydrolysatesMARTÍNEZ AYALA, ALMA LETICIA
30-ene-2013Aorta and Liver Changes in Rats Fed Cholesterol-Containing and Raw Vegetable-Supplemented Diets: Experiments in Vitro and in VivoMARTÍNEZ AYALA, ALMA LETICIA
30-ene-2013Changes in Protein, Nonnutritional Factors, and Antioxidant Capacity during Germination of L. campestris SeedsMARTÍNEZ AYALA, ALMA LETICIA
30-ene-2013Partial characterization of indigo (Polygonum tinctorium Ait.) plant seeds and leavesMARTÍNEZ AYALA, ALMA LETICIA
30-ene-2013Functional Properties of Proteins from Lima Bean (Phaseolus lunatus L.) SeedsMARTÍNEZ AYALA, ALMA LETICIA
30-ene-2013Partial characterization of a new kind of Chilean Murtilla-like berriesMARTÍNEZ AYALA, ALMA LETICIA
30-ene-2013The influence of different time durations of thermal processing on berries qualityMARTÍNEZ AYALA, ALMA LETICIA
30-ene-2013Lima Bean (Phaseolus lunatus) Protein Hydrolysates with ACE-I Inhibitory ActivityMARTÍNEZ AYALA, ALMA LETICIA
30-ene-2013First report of Alternaria alternata (Fr.) Keissler causing inflorescence blight in Jatropha curcas in Sinaloa, Mexico.MARTÍNEZ AYALA, ALMA LETICIA
29-ene-2013Conferencia: Expresión de proteinas recombinantes de amaranto en diferentes cepas de E. coli.Luna Suárez, Silvia
29-ene-2013Overexpression of a modified protein from amaranth seed in Escherichia coli and effect of environmental conditions on the protein expression.Luna Suárez, Silvia
29-ene-2013Modification of the amaranth 11S globulin storage protein to produce an inhibitory peptide of the angiotensin I converting enzyme, and its expression in Escherichia coliLuna Suárez, Silvia
29-ene-2013Greenhouse gas emissions and plant characteristics from soilcultivated with sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) and amended with organic or inorganic fertilizers.Luna Suárez, Silvia
Collection's Items (Sorted by Fecha de envío in Descendente order): 1 to 20 of 197
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