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2012Perspectives for implementing fisheries certification in developing countriesPérez-Ramírez, Mónica; Phillips, Bruce; Lluch Belda, Daniel; Lluch-Cota, Salvador
2003Fish larvae from the Gulf of CaliforniaAceves Medina, Gerardo; Jiménez Rosenberg, Sylvia Patricia Adelheid; Hinojosa Medina, Alejandro Trinidad; Funes Rodríguez, René; Saldierna Martínez, Ricardo Javier; Lluch Belda, Daniel; Smith, P.E; Watson, W
2009The odontocete community and its environment in the southwestern Gulf of CaliforniaSalvadeo, Christian J; Gómez-Gallardo, Alejandro; Lluch Belda, Daniel; Urbán R., Jorge
2011Ecosystem-level effects of the small pelagics fishery in the Gulf of CaliforniaDel Monte Luna, Pablo; Lluch Cota, Salvador Emilio; Salvadeo, Christian Javier; Lluch Belda, Daniel
2010Climate change and a poleward shift in the distribution of the Pacific white-sided dolphin in the northeastern PacificSalvadeo, Christian J.; Lluch Belda, Daniel; Gómez-Gallardo, Alejandro; Urbán-Ramírez, Jorge; MacLeod, Colin D.
2011Bryde's whale (Balaenoptera edeni) in the southwestern Gulf of California: Relationship with ENSO variability and prey availabilitySalvadeo, C.J.; Flores-Ramirez, S.; Gómez-Gallardo, A.; MacLeod, C.; Lluch Belda, Daniel; Jaume-Schinkel, S.; Urban R., J.
2003Principal modes and related frequencies of sea surface temperature variability in the Pacific coast of North AmericaLluch Cota, Daniel B.; Wooster, W.S.; Hare, S.R.; Lluch Belda, Daniel; Pares Sierra, A.
1999Modeling of the Pacific sardine Sardinops caeruleus fishery of the Gulf of California, MexicoNevarez Martínez, Manuel O.; Chávez Ortiz, Ernesto Aarón; Cisneros Mata, Miguel A.; Lluch Belda, Daniel
2008Impacts of interannual environmental variation on the shrimp fishery off the Gulf of CaliforniaCastro Ortiz, Jose Luis; Lluch Belda, Daniel
2012Effect of North Atlantic climate variability on hawksbill turtles in the Southern Gulf of MexicoDel Monte Luna, Pablo; Guzmán Hernández, Vicente; Cuevas, Eduardo A.; Arreguín Sánchez, Francisco; Lluch Belda, Daniel