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Título : Lavado In Situ de un suelo contaminado con diesel, asistido con surfactantes.
Autor : Torres Bustillos, Luis Gilberto
López Sánchez, Felipe
Piña Maldonado, Oscar
Fecha de publicación : 26-jun-2012
Resumen : In Mexico, industrial activities have caused serious environmental damage greatly affecting soil including all ecosystems. The activities that have damaged the environment are mining, chemical, petrochemical, oil refining, among others that have generated very large quantities of hazardous wastes. The remediation of contaminated soils can be performed by in situ flushing, which is a technique that requires wells to be drilled and then passing a solution to achieve the removal of the contaminant. In this case study was contaminated sandy loam soil with Diesel Fuel at a concentration of 30,000 mg / kg dry soil. Washes were performed in vials with 13 different synthetic surfactants and biosurfactants 3 at a concentration of 0.5 to 0.1 percent v/v respectively. The best removals were 51 Percent for synthetic surfactant (Texapon N-40), the concentration of the soil after two months of polluted HTP's 24.762 mg/kg dry soil. Algarrobo for removal was 47 percent equivalent to 11.745 mg HTP's/kg dry soil. Lavages were performed on columns of acrylic 725 cm3 at different times, solution concentration and flowing speeds (5 and 10 mL/min). The best removal was 39.8 percent (9,955.27 mg PAH's / kg dry soil) at a concentration of 0.05 percent for the case of Texapon N-40 at a flow rate of 10 mL/min for 72h. The contaminated soil washing assisted with surfactants and biosurfactants is a technology that requires an in-depth study of some or certain variables such as the type of surfactant, concentration, flow rate, washing time, diffusion phenomena, desorption, properties thermodynamic, among others. Which determine the success or failure of the technique.
URI : http://www.repositoriodigital.ipn.mx/handle/123456789/5694
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