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Título : “El Desarrollo Urbano en Acapulco. La normatividad para su ordenamiento y sus efectos en la Zona Diamante”
Fecha de publicación : 3-jul-2012
Resumen : This research, which is the basis for a Masters thesis in Planning, part of the hypothesis that urban planning in Acapulco has not had the success expected, primarily due to the involvement of real estate investors in order to gain Maximum take the necessary action to obtain the approval of their project without complying with city laws. The development of research was structured in such a way that based on a theoretical reflection on the conceptual elements of the value of the land within the context of urban development takes on a value for the physical transformations taking place in their environment, we studied behavior that has had urban development in the Metropolitan Zone of Acapulco (ZMA), and in particular the sector known as Diamond has had an explosive growth in the last decade, which has not been in good order, however, that there is an Urban Master Plan for the city and the Partial Plan for this area. The development of the thesis has five chapters with a paragraph at the end to present the conclusions and recommendations were obtained from all study it. Chapter I contains the presentation of the particular item, which includes the approach to the problem, which covers the background of the urban phenomenon to locate the context of the city of Acapulco regard to urban planning that has been most relevant and loe that involve in their current problems and to pose the questions of departure; Beside,in this chapter I included in the justification of the item which emphasizes the importance of research and research objectives (general and particular) and the working hypothesis that listed above as a basis for development work. Finally, this section also presents the methodological aspects of research that details the types of work for testing hypotheses. Under Chapter II What is the theoretical framework in which this is a general urban development in the capitalist system and the role of soil as a social good to use that to enter the market any product of an exchange City acquires a value that is appropriate for real estate agents. Therefore, after conducting a test on the income of the land in the historical development of society, is a review of the theory of value (use value and exchange value) and contributions on income Marxist soil which discusses the concepts of income differential and absolute rent it to understand the genesis of surplus land acquired in a liberal economy which governs the price of goods to market, with fluctuations due to supply and demand.Finally when considering the rent of land in the city, called urban income, deepen their impact within capitalist development. Meanwhile, in the next chapter III, after presenting the economic context in which the city of Acapulco, both nationally and internationally, we see that urban growth has had throughout its history, highlighting the main factors who have given their current situation, and a characterization of the urban phenomenon in its urbanization process is remarkable in the huge population growth and the urban sprawl that has exceeded the boundaries of the area behind the amphitheater of the bay, whose tourist areas are the so-called traditional Acapulco and Acapulco Gold, extending the urban area to the Diamante sector, which will deal in more depth later. Also to know the strengths and weaknesses of the urban structure of Acapulco, make a diagnosis of its main components: urban infrastructure (drinking water and sanitary drainage and sewerage), electricity and public lighting, and urban facilities and it has Roads and transport system, ending with a prospective for the following years. The penultimate chapter provides an overview of planning in Mexico, with emphasis in terms of territorial planning and policies of the Mexican state in this area and the main laws that have been enacted, and the enactment of the law planning in the year 1983, which institutionalized the practice of this tool and requires the federal government and state and municipal compliance, but without the expected results. Acapulco Being a medium sized city having a population of about approximately one million inhabitants, corresponding to the parameters of the medium-sized cities, analyzes trends and issues that have had this kind of cities and reviews the policies of urban planning in the federal and local (state and municipal). IV ends this chapter with a historical overview of the growth of the urban area of the port with all the technical elements of planning, almost since its inception with the first level regulator in 1899, passing through an intermediate stage in the mid-40's of last century and the extensive planning that has occurred in the 70's to today. Investigation is completed with the specific study of the Diamond sector (Chapter V) which we refer to the beginning of its development in the tourist town of Puerto Marqués and infrastructure that will be your very first spark-phased, with the construction of the scenic road that connects this area with the amphitheater and the changing international airport located on the shores of the Laguna de Tres Palos, opening a large area for further development. This chapter V to enter the substantive part of the investigation, as the sector Diamont object of study, with the major tourism project promoted by Governor Ruiz Massieu in 1987, considering all the vicissitudes which passes over a decade and has had strong momentum in the last two decades, which has a strong momentum of investment in tourism projects and housing in this area having the highest rates of population growth and its urban sprawl. We finish with the revision of the urban master plan and part of Acapulco sector Diamond for, and the vices that are presented to circumvent the rules, imposing the interests of developers. To crown it presents the findings from all the work and the resulting recommendations, either to address the anomalies that arise in the practice of planning or carrying out other studies that could contribute to further deepening and clarification of some aspects of urban life in Acapulco and other cities.
Descripción : Identificar los principales factores que determinan la sobre utilización del uso del suelo en zonas de baja densidad de Acapulco y la violación de los ordenamientos urbanos, específicamente en el sector diamante, donde se muestra claramente la influencia del capital inmobiliario en detrimento de su ordenamiento urbano.
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