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Título : Impacto Urbano-Ambiental en la Ciudad de México generado por la urbanización. Estudio de caso: Santa Fe
Autor : Pérez Corona., Javier
Fecha de publicación : 3-sep-2012
Resumen : The theme of urbanism and the environment becomes important and present in Mexico because it sets the tone for a typological tendency of today's cities for its high consumption of economic, territorial and environmental, and it is inappropriate to the realities in this country. In this perspective, the profile of these housing complexes that act as urban nodes that appropriate the best advantages of the whole city, deepen the contrasts of urban development and raises questions about the relevance of this model of urban planning. In the field of urban studies the issue of housing complexes, which addresses this research draws attention to the relevance of social and environmental implications under consideration is treated with the perspective of the role of infrastructure and the environment which gives special nature and importance. Therefore, an approach is made the subject of Planning that unfolds in Santa Fe, and its impact on the environment resulting from the overall perspective of the lifestyle of the population through the consumption of land, utilities and infrastructure, which highlights this urban model for the heavy consumption of resources that makes it unsustainable for the prevailing conditions in the Valley of Mexico. As with fossil energy consumption in private transport, higher average drinking water supply, and in general their waste solids, liquids and gases. This shows that the type of planning model derived from the planning that is available to criteria of profitability, jeopardizing the soil environment referring to ecological conservation and social diversity in terms of social strata. For this, the method followed is to two working levels. The first documentary dedicated to the field through the literature review, hemerographic and certain plans and urban development programs. The second, directed the field work, some key informant interviews, as well as make a photographic record of the study area. The research process the results obtained according to the hypothesis, it is considered that this is maintained in terms of the unsustainability of urban model deployed in the Joint Property Santa Fe, due to the high consumption of resources, feasible for conditions general of the central region of the country.
Descripción : Explicar cómo se ha modificado el Complejo Inmobiliario Santa Fe, debido al tipo de urbanismo que se ha venido construyendo desde el nacimiento de la zona hasta su situación actual.
URI : http://www.repositoriodigital.ipn.mx/handle/123456789/6845
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