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Título : La noción de linealidad. Una aproximación epistemológica, cognitiva, didáctica y sociocultural
Fecha de publicación : 16-ene-2013
Descripción : This investigation includes a systemic study of the linearity notion, in which the axes of thematic development of mental character have become jumbled, historical-epistemologic, sociocultural and didactic. In this investigation it is maintained that the linearity notion is a articulator concept of the mathematical student from the basic education to the education superior, due to his metamathematic stage. Some of the main contributions are: Identifying the ratio mutabilitas constant - reason of constant change, like a germinal idea that it emerges from the meaning of the linearity notion from old civilizations, until the appearance of linear Algebra in century XIX. In addition a conceptual joint between the multiplicative reasoning, the proportional reasoning and the meaning of the linearity notion exists. From the text book analysis, status was examined didactic of: concepts, tie definitions and uses to the proportionality slight knowledge and linearity, on the basis of protomathematics, paramathematics, mathematics and metamathematic the slight knowledge. Evidences have been identified about the conceptual bond between the notion of proportionality and the notion of linearity, where is its epistemologic connection. On the other hand, the historical evolution of the linearity is pronounced that, has a certain parallelism, functional and nonstructural, with the mental processes of the students, in prescientific aspects. The work has allowed a remeaning of the linearity notion, in order to construct a congruent and articulated didactic speech, in the mathematical student.
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