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Título : Atypical Coordination in Transition Metal Hexacyanometallates
Fecha de publicación : 16-ene-2013
Editorial : Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory
Descripción : When in the titled materials the 3D framework is formed by practically linear T-N-C-M-C-N-T chains, they are known as Prussian blue (PB) analogues where the two metal centers have octahedral coordination. PB analogues crystallize with a cubic unit cell. However, for different combinations of T and M metals deviations from that regularity are observed, particularly for the T metal coordination modes. The metal M is always found with an octahedral coordination to form the octahedral anionic building block, [Mn(CN)6]n¡6. In this contribution such deviations or atypical coordination modes are summarized. The coordination for the T metal determines many of the solid physical properties, among them the porous framework, the magnetic interaction between metal centers, and the thermal stability. Atypical coordination modes for the metal T were observed for T = Zn with M = FeII , RuII , OsII ; FeIII , CoIII , RhIII and IrIII , and for Mn(2+) and Cd(2+) with M = FeII , RuII , OsII .
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