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Título : Obstaculos didácticos y el discurso explicativo de los libros de texto de cálculo
Fecha de publicación : 16-ene-2013
Descripción : A tangible cultural object for the analysis of the scholastic mathematical speech constitutes the figure of text book, since she is essential guide for the didactic action of professors and students in all process of education-learning of the mathematics. In the present writing the central concepts of the Theory of the didactic transposition are exposed, the concept of Didactic obstacle and the category of Scholastic mathematical speech, elements that make possible the characterization and identification of didactic obstacles in the explanatory speech of texts of Calcul. In addition, as resulting from the meticulous pursuit of the explanations of the concept of Integral of line, they are reported of way makes specific the most important obstacles that the characteristics of the scholastic speech were identified implicitly and mathematical that pronounce explicit or in reviewed books.
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