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Título : La construcción de la noción de variable
Autor : Dolores Flores, Crisólogo
Fecha de publicación : 16-ene-2013
Descripción : The construction of mathematical concepts in agreement with theory APOE is a progression of mental constructions of actions, processes, objects and schemes of dialectic way, by means of the reflective abstraction and the genetic decomposition, like mechanisms to make these constructions (Dubinsky, 2000). In this sense, the construction of the variable notion will have to be by means of the manipulation of physical or mental objects to form actions related to the change idea. The actions must be internalized to form processes doing without the physical objects. These processes are encapsulated to form objects, the notion of variable like so. The variable notion as object is organized in scheme, that is to say, becomes part from the cognitive structure of the individual. Nevertheless, the variable notion can perform one double function, like object and process. Like object, when the notion is encapsulated and you can apply operations such as addition, subtraction or relate any function or formula, for example. As process, the reflections and internalizations that the individual makes of the actions, the physical or mental manipulations on things or objects that change without having them present. This theoretical perspective contrasts with the form in which the notion of variable in calculation books is introduced and the form in which it is taught. Dolores (1996) shows different definitions from variable of calculation books that are used in high school. This makes suppose that only the variable definition is enough so that the student appropriate of this notion or is a concept already formed that does not require an exhaustive analysis for its assimilation. Investigations with respect to the notion of variable in school situation (Ursini, 1994; 1996; Trigueros et al., 2000; Rosnick, 1981; Wagner, 1983; Schoenfeld & Arcavi, 1988; Kieran et al., 1990) show that the variable definition is not sufficient so that the student appropriate of her. On the contrary difficulties in the understanding arise from the symbol that represents this notion and like consequence the appearance of alternative conceptions that differ formally of accepted (Dolores, 1998; Dolores et al., 2002; Dolores, 2004). Most of the analyzed investigations start off the idea that this notion already has existence in symbol form, and investigations are only made surroundings to their meaning (Kuchemann, 1980; Rosnick, 1981; Schoenfeld & Arcavi, 1988). Others worry to investigate the difficulties that appear in the students when operating with symbols in the transition of the Arithmetic to algebra (Wagner, 1983; Kieran et al., 1990; Ursini, 1994; 1996; Trigueros et al., 2000). Our work of investigation, unlike these investigations, is not interested in the notion of variable like symbol, but in the process of its construction. Reason why our question of investigation is centered in investigating how is constructed the notion of variable in small children and what processes favor its construction? This question of investigation it is come off like investigation target, to identify the processes that are involved in the construction of the variable notion in small children.
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