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dc.contributorCrespo Crespo, Cecilia-
dc.contributorMontiel Espinosa, Gisela-
dc.creatorBlanco, H.-
dc.descriptionThis work presents an investigation about the analysis of the visual representations of polyhedrons on the plane made by students, proposing the application of dynamic geometry. The goal of this research is to explore which factors are important in the representation of geometric bodies and the influence of the study and application of perspective elements on visualization of 3-dimensional objects in secondary school students. The investigation is based on visualization, in order to see the way in which different representations of geometric bodies on the plane (particularly polyhedrons), influence the students´ conceptions towards space. In the beginning, it took place a recollection of antecedents and investigations tending to show the defects found in mathematic classroom regarding bidimensional representations of 3-dimensional configurations, which are supported by the knowledge of bidimensional geometry. In addition to this, it shows the reasons why these abilities have not been developed and they trigger many difficulties when they must be applied to situations involving geometric use. The results show evidence of the need to approach to solutions which may allow students to achieve these objectives and, on the other hand, the need that teachers understand they should teach 3-dimensional geometry basing on those concepts that lead the students to handle mathematic knowledge, avoiding the difficulties found nowadays.-
dc.titleRepresentaciones gráficas de cuerpos geométricos. Un análisis de los cuerpos a través de sus representaciones.-
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