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Título : The structure of two manganese hexacyanometallates II : Mn2 Fe CN 6 .8H2O and Mn2 Os CN 6 .8H2O
Palabras clave : ferrocyanide
X-ray diffraction
Rietveld method
Fecha de publicación : 16-ene-2013
Editorial : Powder Diffraction
Descripción : The crystal structures of two manganese hexacyanometallates~II!, Mn2 @Fe(CN)6#.8H2O and Mn2@Os(CN)6#.8H2O, were refined from X-ray powder diffraction data using the Rietveld method, with the reported structure for Mn2@Ru(CN)6#.8H2O used as a structural model. These compounds are isomorphous and crystallize in the monoclinic space group P21 /n. Their crystallization water is not firmly bound and can be removed without disrupting the M–CwN–Mn network. In the dehydrated complexes, the outer cation ~Mn! remains linked to only three N atoms from CN ligands while the inner cation ~Fe,Os! preserves its coordination sphere. The IR, Raman, and Mo¨ssbauer spectra for the hydrated and anhydrous forms are explained based on the refined structures. © 2002 International Centre for Diffraction Data. @DOI: 10.1154/1.1469023#
URI : http://www.repositoriodigital.ipn.mx/handle/123456789/11660
Otros identificadores : Powder Diffraction 17 (2), June 2002
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