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dc.contributor.advisorRUIZ, JAIME ROBERTO-
dc.contributor.advisorFLORES, ZURVIA-
dc.contributor.advisorMENESES GARCIA, MANUEL-
dc.contributor.authorVELASCO ESCARCEGA, EUSEBIO-
dc.description.abstractAs of last the 15 years, increase of the world-wide commerce is had marine route of which our country is fundamental piece and especially the Port of Veracruz. By virtue of this phenomenon, the Port of Veracruz has been escaped by the demand of ships to realize the load and unloads reason why the crowding of the present positions of dockage has appeared. Under these conditions it is essential to increase the operative efficiency for the handling of the load, as well as the modernization of the transference equipment and the increase of the water areas. Taking into account the previous thing, and motivated by the strategic importance of the Port of Veracruz for the foreign trade of our country, it is necessary to realize a study from which the actions follow to take in the short one, medium and long term, motivated by the tendency in the increase of handling of the load. The present study considers to formulate a planning of development of the port that includes a conceptual project of an alternating port with the operative adjustments, of infrastructure, and of the routes of commercialization (according to the projections in the load movement) that satisfy the process with commercial interchange in the next years. This Thesis is based on the Evaluation of the Present Conditions of the Port of Veracruz, as well as the flow of the load that passes through Port and the geo-economics influence external intern and, taking into account the ground facilities and the necessity from the fortification and growth to take care of the increase of the demand in the flow of the merchandise by this terrestrial route (wagon and railway). The analyses in the physical, socioeconomic, political aspects are included (national and state plans of development) and in the matter of environmental impact. It is included regarding the Infrastructure requirements in agreement with the types of boats of our horizon of project; the basic works (breakwater, channel of access, docks of turn and operation). With base to the mentioned analyses, it is important to realize complementary studies that they serve as bases for the execution of specific and particular projects, considering among others: The final waste water disposition as well as its treatment, the study of the maneuverability of the boats, aid to navigation, implementation of the connectivity of means of transport to the present system of the Municipality of Veracruz and to optimize the administration of the human resources among others. By the previous thing it is tried to contribute to improve the operative structure and installed capacity, visualizing to the Port of Veracruz with the capacity to take care of the commercial demands in the matter of import and exports, raising the modernization and extension as commercial a harbor work that takes into account the demands in short, medium and long term.es
dc.description.especialidadMaestría en Ingeniería Civil en Hidráulica Marítimaes
dc.description.tipo214 páginases
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