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dic-2011Libs portable system for the determination of chemical elements present in the deterioration of patrimonial buildingsMoreira, L.; Ponce, L.; Valdés, C.; Corvo, F.; Arronte, M.; De Posada, E; Pérez, Y.; Flores, T.; Ravelo, I.; Cruzata, O.; Lambert, B.; Cabrera, J.L.; Borges, A.; Ponce, A.; Hernández, L.C.
ago-2011Ray trace algorithm description for the study of pump power absorption in double clad fibersNarro, R; Rodriguez, E.; Ponce, L; De Posada, E; Flores, T.; Arronte, M.
sep-2011On the use of shockwave models in laser produced plasma expansion ( Conference Paper )De Posada, E; Arronte, M.A; Ponce, L.; Rodriguez, E.; Flores, T.; Lunney, J.G.
dic-2011Study of the black crusts in the façade of the cathedral of havana using laser induced plasma spectroscopy (LIBS)Cabrera, I.R.; Osorio, L.M.; García, M.A.A.; Cabrera, L.V.P.
14-jul-2011Synthesis and characterization of bismuth alkaline titanate powdersTorres-Huerta, A.M.; Domínguez-Crespo, M.A; Hernández-Pérez, M.A; García-Zaleta, D.S.; Brachetti-Sibaja, S.B
1-ene-2011Electrochemical performance of Ni-RE (RE = rare earth) as electrode material for hydrogen evolution reaction in alkaline mediumDomínguez-Crespo, M.A; Torres-Huerta, A.M.; Brachetti-Sibaja, S.B; Flores-Vela, A.
ago-2011Optical and physical properties of Er 3+-Yb 3+ co-doped tellurite fibersNarro-García, R; Chillcce, E.F.; Miranda, A.R.; Giehl, J.M.; Barbosa, L.C.; Rodriguez, E.; Arronte, M.
10-feb-2011Photonic gaps of aluminium-nitride film related with structure and depositionEscamilla, C.H.; Lara, F.C.; Xiao, M.
ago-2011Modelación de la conducción transversal en compósitos superconductoresBorroto, A.; Río, L.D.E.L.; Arronte, M.; Altshuler, E.
2011Self-absorption influence on the optical spectroscopy of zinc oxide laser produced plasmaDe Posada, E; Lunney, J.G.; Arronte, M.A; Ponce, L.; Rodriguez, E.; Flores, T.