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27-sep-2013CdS SENSITIZED TiO2 NANOCRYSTALLINE PHOTOANODES FOR SOLAR CELLSR Sanchez Sosa; O. Calzadilla Amaya; E. Hernandez; J.L. Fernandez Muñoz; F. Chale Lara; M. Zapata Torres
27-sep-2013STRUCTURAL AND OPTICAL PROPERTIES OF ZnO:Al FILMS PREPARED BY ULTRASONIC SPRAY PYROLYSISS. San Juan Hernández; E. Zaleta Alejandre; F. Chale Lara; F. Caballero Briones; M. Zapata Torres
27-sep-2013SONOCHEMICAL-ASSISTED CuInSe2 ELECTRODEPOSITION AND ELECTROCHEMICAL POST-SELENIZATION TREATMENTSLiliana E. Arvizu-Rodríguez; Sergio J. Jiménez-Sandoval; Francisco J. Espinosa-Faller; Fabio Felipe Chalé Lara; Felipe Caballero-Briones
13-sep-2013Dithiol-capped Cdse nanoparticle Fims prepared by a soft chemistry method.Nereyda Martinez; F. Chale Lara; Sergio Jiménez-Sandoval; Fausto Sanz; Felipe Caballero-Briones
29-jul-2015Rare earth conversion coatings grown on AA6061 aluminum alloys. Corrosion studiesBRACHETTI SIBAJA, S.B.; DOMINGUEZ CRESPO, MIGUEL ANTONIO; TORRES HUERTA, AIDE MINERVA; ONOFRE BUSTAMANTE, EDGAR
29-jul-2015Calcium content and speciation in alkaline-cooked corn studied bysynchrotron Ca K-edge X-ray absorption spectroscopyCABALLERO BRIONES, FELIPE; CHALÉ LARA, FABIO FELIPE
29-jul-2015Portable LIBS system based on an ultra compact solid state laser applied to the analysis of Cu on fishALVIRA, F.C.; FLORES REYES, TERESA; PONCE CABRERA, LUIS VIDAL; MOREIRA OSORIO, L.
29-jul-2015Microwave-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of CePO4 nanostructures: Correlation between the structural and optical propertiesPALMA RAMIREZ, D.; DOMINGUEZ CRESPO, MIGUEL ANTONIO; TORRES HUERTA, AIDE MINERVA; DORANTES ROSALES, H.; RAMÍREZ MENESES, E.; RODRIGUEZ GONZALEZ, EUGENIO
29-jul-2015Solid solutions of La-doped BiFeO3 obtained by the Pechini method with improvement in their propertiesGARCÍA ZALETA, D.S.; TORRES HUERTA, AIDE MINERVA; DOMINGUEZ CRESPO, MIGUEL ANTONIO; MATUTES AQUINO, J.A.; GONZALEZ, A.M.; VILLAFUERTE CASTREJÓN, M.E.
29-jul-2015Expanded use of a fast photography technique to characterize laser-induced plasma plumesVALVERDE ALVA, M.A.; GARCIA FERNANDEZ, T.; DIAZ CORTES, G.; SANCHEZ LLAMAZARES, J.L.; RODRIGUEZ GONZALEZ, EUGENIO; SÁNCHEZ AKÉ, C.; QUINTANA NEDELCOS, A.; VILLAGRÁN MUÑIZ, M.